Metal Mom - Owner
30 yrs experience in promotions: Michigan Deathfest, International Metalfest, Doomfest,
 Rigor Mortis Fest and now Castle Blakk Radio! 
Huge fan of symphonic black metal & doom \,,/

I have the pleasure of having the most awesome staff in the business.
They are the best!
​Jay B Metal - Station Mgr./DJ
I have loved music all my life, and then in 1982 I started to listen to Hard Rock & Metal. It was all downhill from there. I attempt to play guitar, collect music & memorabilia. I love going to live shows a lot, so what’s the best way to promote bands I’m going to see? Be a DJ! Wanted to be a DJ since I was a kid, finally got the opportunity on internet radio about 4 years ago. I have made a name for myself and Castle Blakk Radio in the music scene. We have made friends with tons of bands and musicians. My shows mainly focus on unsigned & indie bands but I love the classics and big names too. I occasionally go to the dark side with my show, Tune In and enjoy the musical ride!
DJ NK1-Asst Station Mgr.
Greetings from Nyc

I have been a longtime fan of Rock and Heavy Metal music and am passionate about it.
I have 5 years of experience being a Dj
and play everything from Independent to Well known bands \,,/
DJ Fist-Asst Station Mgr.
Coming to you from Tampa, Florida, Liege of Cookies plays bands from many genres of metal: death, black, doom, hard rock, classic rock, progressive rock and some funny and bizarre songs thrown in as well. Lots of unsigned bands are played as well. Join DJ Fist on Saturday nights from 10 pm est to 1 am est for some nifty tunes right there! Get your milk and cookies, join us in the chat room and bang your head!

If you want your band featured on Liege of Cookies, drop me a line.

DJ Fist

Well hello there! Gambit here. I have next to no idea what im doing but the ladies sure do love it! I play what i want! Everything rock and metal. Dont care. My show. Complaints? Get your own show. Love ya! Gambit

DJ Dastardly
Former College Radio Station Manager/Music Director/DJ who has come out of retirement to set up shop in the Castle dining room. I've been involved in the music industry in some fashion for over 25 years as a musician, DJ, and columnist/writer. I also gave DJ Fist his first ever radio show (sorry about that).

Smörgåschords is your weekly feast on Monday nights from 8-11pm ET, serving you ALL styles of metal from around the globe, as well as the harder outskirts of Prog, Math Rock, Post-Rock, Hardcore, Avant-Garde, and whatever else I can fit on the table. We have a seat reserved for you.

DJ Cremated Survivor
​I have had a fondness for Heavy Metal ever since I first heard Black Sabbath in 1970. No, I'm not that old. I just stopped in 1970 while time hopping. I used to write music reviews and interview bands for a Heavy Metal e-zine. I held out quite a long time DJing for a country music radio station, refusing to switch my show from Heavy Metal to country. Then one day I was locked out and that was that.
On Sunday Sacrifice you'll mostly hear Heavy Metal. But I occasionally play a Hard Rock or Heavy Blues song. Well, maybe more than occasionally. Don't call my request line. It pisses me off.
DJ Metal Maiden

DJ Crimson V
​Hello, my show is "On lockdown with CrimsonV" live every Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm EST from my studio in Ithaca NY. I play a wide range of Metal, Hardcore, Experimental and Punk. I have been enamored with music from a very young age. I love to see as many live shows as possible and enjoy doing live concert Photography among other types of Photography. I plan to continue to learn about new music and have already learned a lot from my fellow DJ's at Castle Blakk Radio ❤

DJ CrimsonV